Enjoy unique sensory experiences in our beautiful private cenotes in the heart of Yucatan.

An experience designed for adventure and harmony with nature.

The day at “Los 7 Cenotes San Gerónimo” takes place in the heart of a private reserve located 80 minutes from the city of Mérida, this place offers adventurers the opportunity to discover the natural wonders of the Mayan world while learning about the richness of this ancient culture and enjoying new experiences.

Do you know why we are different?

You will live an ineffable experience where you will have an explosion of emotions and all your senses will be in a real connection with mother earth, in a magical environment surrounded by cristal-clear waters in a cave-like cenote.

You will be able to see and learn about the centennials Ceiba tree (the sacred tree of the Mayas). Our ceiba tree is unique in its form throughout Yucatan with incredible dimensions and aerial roots(350 years old). You will enjoy exclusivity and be treated as part of a small family. You will also have the opportunity to experience the “jump” of the famous Mayan warrior Nachi-Cocom, created by the guardians of this incredible place. We will offer an experience of a life time, not just a swim in a cenote.


We offer different experiences during your day visit. Discover the waters of the Mayan cenotes and take a journey through the Mayan underworld.

Designed for people from 8 to 65 years old with a good physical condition.
(Ask in our mail for the special price for nationals).



A half-day filled with thrills, joy, and adventure. Ideal for those that want to also experience nearby towns like Izamal on the same day. 



Open experience to share with others families.  Connecting with nature in a full-day adventure and enjoy a full-course meal of authentic Yucatecan cuisine.

Luxury VIP


 Private experience in cenotes and lunch area.    Let your worries fade away as you embark on a journey to make magical memories. A private experience for your family or group of friends. …

Lazurite VIP


“The best cenote experience. Every detail of the day is taken into account with our rustic luxury service. Designed for people aged 13 to 65 with good physical condition. (Ask in our email for the special price for nationals).”


Dare To Live Your Own Adventure


Put a stop on your path and understand the reason why you are here. You will achieve a direct connection with your inner self! Nature is the unbeatable scene, and you are the main protagonist.

Half-Open Cenote

Cavern Cenote

Adventure, emotions, sensations, experiences, connections


Typical Yucatecan Food

Bikes w/Helmets

Nachi-Cocom Jump

Life Jackets & Floats


Medical Expenses Insurance

Professional and Specialized Guides



My family and I spent 6 days in Merida with another family last week.
Merida is a magical destination in Mexico.
The people, the food, and specially the things to do there are amazing and unique!


If you visit Merida, besides the ruins, the Cenotes is a “must” in your activities and for sure, many people will recomend a few.
Well, “Los 7 Cenotes” is something different, believe me.
We visited 3 cenotes sites during our visit and this experience was “by far” the most spectacular.
This is a 7-hour Tour experience that will blow away your senses!
The place is gorgeous!
It stands in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by vast nature.
The house is a beautiful typical Mexican-like hacienda.
Alicia Lopez (the co-owner, hostess and tour guide) gives you a warm welcome and offers coffee, natural juices, bread and fruit upon your arrival while she explains the specifics of the tour you are about to enjoy.
The experience includes two cenotes dives, a bike hike to one of the cenotes, a zip line jump and food (fresh fruit, muffins, juices and coffee and of course the meal after you finish the tour).
You have to experience every part of the tour as it comes, because each of them are unique.
If I reveal the details of this tour I would ruin your experience. You have to live it!
I can only tell you that you will spend 7 hours enjoying your sight, sound, taste, feel and smell like in no other place in the world.
Your eyes will experience unique water and flora sights, including of course the amazing Cenotes; Your taste buds will combine fresh fruit an juices with natural elements and will also get the chance to try an ancestral Mayan ritual drink used for very special occasions; your ears will be pampered with exquisite music and natural noises along your tour; you will have the opportunity to smell ancient Mayan herbs and spices also used for ancestral rituals; and your body will experience the fresh water of the Cenotes.
The second cenote offers an experience like no other (this is Alicia´s secret!).
Believe me, this is unique and amazing, and Alicia will make every penny spent worth the trip.

We had a beautiful experience at Los 7 Cenotes. This is a beautiful experience in the Yucatecan dry forests where you find spectacular cenotes and caves, majestic and sacred Ceiba trees over 400 years old…

and Alamo trees whose exposed roots reach from the surface of the ground down to the water source of the cenotes–some reaching over 18 meters.

The excursion starts at the main house (which was a cattle ranch hacienda dating back to the 1800’s) They take you on a bicycle tour to visit some of their 7 Cenotes they have on the land. Depending on your level of adventure and needs, you can either take a leisurely cenote tour where you can swim and relax or you can jump off an 18 meter jump boarding board and face your fear of heights! They have ziplines that race across the land or even on that zips you into a cenote!

On our excursion, we opted for the adventure tour to challenge and enrich ourselves both physically, mentally and spiritually. Our first stop was to a magnificent cenote where you could jump from a ledge overlooking a drop of 18 meters! It is an assisted jump so really this is a mind game to face your fear of control and heights and just trust and let go. It was quite terrifying for
me to be at that height and know I was going to willingly make the leap, but I also knew that I trusted the team and that I was perfectly safe. It took a couple minutes to let go and just do it, it was a second of fear and then a beautiful and slow ride down as the pulley assisted the free fall into the cenote. A truly memorable experience.
Next we headed to the zipline which was not as high, but much faster and that was a blast! I realized, my sense of fear comes more from heights than from velocity. I think the zipline would be great for anyone, it was very fun!

Then we came back to the main house to hydrate with fresh juices and cold fruit and to get mentally ready for the “Leap of Faith” secret cenote experience. Because it is a secret, I can’t say too much about it, except for the fact that it is a very personal experience where you go into an underground cave cenote and it is pitch black. There you are left alone, and you must jump off the ledge not knowing how high and not seeing anything. This was a beautiful experience. All you hear is the sound of the water echoing around the cave. I went first and absolutely love it. That last thing I will say–because you must experience it yourself–is that it was hands down one of the most beautiful cenotes I have ever experienced. Absolutely a spiritual experience.

We ended the day with a wonderful traditional lunch of horchata or jamaica juices, sopa de lima, tacos de cochinita, dip of sikil pak and of course flan. We were serenaded by the grounds keeper/awesome guitar player and singer of Mayan Jaranas. And then we gathered together to finish the experience by the sacred Ceiba tree that was absolutely incredible. This tree has to be a least 400 years old and it gives shade to a huge area, it’s branches looked like full grown trees and its surface roots undulating and exposed. We all reflected on the days experience and were able to connect and be grateful together. I was a wonderful trip that I would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Covid safety: Because we are outdoors and on bicycles and in cenotes we could not wear our masks; however, we practiced social distancing and in common areas when we weren’t riding or swimming, we used masks if we were close to each other. Los 7 Cenotes follows all protocols and ensures a safe environment.

For all those who have traveled the world or those who are looking for a unique Experience, Los 7 Cenotes IS THE REAL THING and has no comparison. If you have visited the Colosseum, the Amazon, Kilimanjaro, Everest. Chichen Itza, the Great Wall of China…
you are in for a big surprise. This is not a tour or a trip as going to those places.
Los 7 Cenotes will become the best Experience of your life and you are going to want to go back with more friends and relatives to share that Experience with them.
Without giving out any spoilers, you will connect with nature and the Mayan culture and spirit and be in the center of an environment that has taken millions of years to evolve and is still alive. Nothing compares to this place. Everybody is trying to sell an «Experience», THIS IS IT . This place will connect with your soul and leave a mark.
In addition, the quality of service from Ricardo, Alicia and the entire crew is superb, exceeds the 5 stars. If you really want to Experience something new, different, that will create a lasting memory for the rest of your life, visit Los 7 Cenotes. I will go back again ! Congratulations !

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