We had a beautiful experience at Los 7 Cenotes. This is a beautiful experience in the Yucatecan dry forests where you find spectacular cenotes and caves, majestic and sacred Ceiba trees over 400 years old and Alamo trees whose exposed roots reach from the surface of the ground down to the water source of the cenotes–some reaching over 18 meters.

The excursion starts at the main house (which was a cattle ranch hacienda dating back to the 1800’s) They take you on a bicycle tour to visit some of their 7 Cenotes they have on the land. Depending on your level of adventure and needs, you can either take a leisurely cenote tour where you can swim and relax or you can jump off an 18 meter jump boarding board and face your fear of heights! They have ziplines that race across the land or even on that zips you into a cenote!

On our excursion, we opted for the adventure tour to challenge and enrich ourselves both physically, mentally and spiritually. Our first stop was to a magnificent cenote where you could jump from a ledge overlooking a drop of 18 meters! It is an assisted jump so really this is a mind game to face your fear of control and heights and just trust and let go. It was quite terrifying for
me to be at that height and know I was going to willingly make the leap, but I also knew that I trusted the team and that I was perfectly safe. It took a couple minutes to let go and just do it, it was a second of fear and then a beautiful and slow ride down as the pulley assisted the free fall into the cenote. A truly memorable experience.
Next we headed to the zipline which was not as high, but much faster and that was a blast! I realized, my sense of fear comes more from heights than from velocity. I think the zipline would be great for anyone, it was very fun!

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