My family and I spent 6 days in Merida with another family last week.
Merida is a magical destination in Mexico.
The people, the food, and specially the things to do there are amazing and unique!
If you visit Merida, besides the ruins, the Cenotes is a “must” in your activities and for sure, many people will recomend a few.
Well, “Los 7 Cenotes” is something different, believe me.
We visited 3 cenotes sites during our visit and this experience was “by far” the most spectacular.
This is a 7-hour Tour experience that will blow away your senses!
The place is gorgeous!
It stands in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by vast nature.
The house is a beautiful typical Mexican-like hacienda.
Alicia Lopez (the co-owner, hostess and tour guide) gives you a warm welcome and offers coffee, natural juices, bread and fruit upon your arrival while she explains the specifics of the tour you are about to enjoy.
The experience includes two cenotes dives, a bike hike to one of the cenotes, a zip line jump and food (fresh fruit, muffins, juices and coffee and of course the meal after you finish the tour).
You have to experience every part of the tour as it comes, because each of them are unique.
If I reveal the details of this tour I would ruin your experience. You have to live it!
I can only tell you that you will spend 7 hours enjoying your sight, sound, taste, feel and smell like in no other place in the world.

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